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No Kin - text


Take a step back
To a time past
Old story from the bottom of the fucking map
Fair skin with the wind behind a rebel flag
Blood is blood but I never had imaged that
My own kin wallowed in ignorance
Burning crosses. A beacon of prejudice
My uncle told me of the clan. Our ancestors
Tethered by blood in this modern AmericaI have to fight for an equal life
I don't know who would be more surprised
Brown skin ridiculed by blue eyes
World view through a noose or a white hood
It's all bullshit. I'm the living proof
You hear me?
I'll outlast you
Heritage that cuts me like hemorrhage
No homage to ignorant narrative
Weep for my kin soaked in southern blood
I bare the shame of your name and your actions
To the families affected by hatred
My heart breaks. I wish I could change it
Now it's my time
I am the last of my family’s name
My birth banished the old ways
The final hour. The last say
Fuck your hate, you mother fuckers

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