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Life For A Life - text


I’m told this home that hosts a ghost
Coast to coast the balance broke while
My life slips just to keep this
Sound alive, alive for now

Forfeit my name
Given a second chance I’d stay away
This road I’ve paved forever
I’ll live and die in the sound waves.

Live and die
Bury me

Never built to withstand this.
Our choice and the noise that surrounds it
My world sinks as you sing line by line.
I’m so sorry.

I’ve grown to hate
The road I chose to take
Scared things have changed
Let me go and just bury me
Bury me
Bury me

Old souls and royalty
Life for a life. Tell me which one will it be?

Years of pain validate your worth
You pray for death and beg your god for rebirth
Beg for rebirth

And for all the people I’ve hurt
Bury me before my body fucking circles the earth
Before my body, circles the earth

So bury me
Bury me

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