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I think too much
To be accepted and not rejected
I am the outcome of an absent father
I am the product of a single mother

She hid her doubt
To keep my heart safe
I shut my mouth
Afraid hers might break
How do you
Even begin to tell
Your child he was never wanted

What did I do wrong?
How could you do wrong?
You did wrong

Quick to turn your back
Even though it made me feel like trash
My mother swore to me
"We'll be fine without him"
As she put me into my bed

& I watched her weep
The lullaby of a mother's cry
& undeserving of her pain

I now see why she lied to me

To ease my pain
Cause there wasn't fuck to say
Hush now
Whenever I would ask about you
Ask about you

Life's a bitch when you're a bastard
Jealous of love
I'd question my fucking self
My heartache continues everyday
So Father's Day stay the fuck away

This is our message to you
I know now that I shouldn't stay down
About you walking out
It's made me who I am
& I'm fine with it
I know now that I shouldn't stay down
About you walking out
So Romero Lanuza you can keep your life
No father or not
I will live my life without you


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Balancing Survival And Happiness

Kublai Khan texty

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