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I dread
Waking up in the morning
No time to breathe
This is my life
Nine through noon
Noon to night

I clock in
Seen as a servant
Every hour another nerve is hit
My rage boils deep behind my eyes
I smile while 'Please sir I apologize'
Somebody please get me
The fuck out of this place

Now think back to what you're working towards
Fuck this shit
Keep it together
Keep moving forward

So I keep my composure
Don't hesitate
I play the game though I feel
Like dropping plates

I tell myself that it's for the best
Collect tips & cash empty pay checks
From fucks who can't even remember
My name
One simple thing
I'm dropping plates

Text přidala TessinWhite

Video přidal LimeCZ

Balancing Survival And Happiness

Kublai Khan texty

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