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Crawling to the edge of heaven
Looking below
Spirits weep for this world
Cry yourself to sleep

On clouds of tulle and silk above your childrens grief
The wish
To breathe
Remains beneath

Forced to leave but
Maybe you were missing me/trying to come back to see
Maybe you'd give anything/would you even strip your wings?
In satin skies they wait whispering

With plans of jumping. Taking turns removing their wings
Just a selfish dream
I'm just scared
I can't do this on my own
Above your grave

A son filled with shame
Not seeking gods reprieve
Only wishing you forgave me
All we need is closure
What if death desires life?

Never wanting paradise
Far away from who they loved
To bask beneath a lonely son
They close their eyes and hide silently
While the creator calls them back home
I gave you power

Text přidala TessinWhite

Video přidal LimeCZ

New Strength

Kublai Khan texty

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