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A deep breath I took
My lungs rattled
My hands shook
& like a furnace my face burned
Eyes lit
Vision unturned

Forgive my words
Forget me now
At my feet

On the floor lay a lifeless mess
In my chest
Beat a heart on the verge
Red about to break

You tried to die by the bed side
Please God why?
Answer me

The right goodbye
Would have come out wrong
At that point it was pointless anyway
Pain, hate, fear, loss, rage
They begin to swallow me

They begin to swallow me
All I wanted at the very moment
Was anything among
Answers or exit signs
& from that view I became you
To be the one desperate for escape

With your attempt at death
I make a point to live
I will now live

Text přidala TessinWhite

Video přidal LimeCZ

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