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Tear me down for something that i cannot helpthis is so wrong
Push me away
Cause im not the same, now what the fuck is up?
Minorities of America, face to face
In the melting pot, this nations a smaller place
Discrimination breeds hatred and misleads rage
Born the same as you, i'll die too one of these days
Focus on the
Color of my skin
Dont give a fuck about me, judge me by what you see
Fuck you bigoti will not
Feel bad foryou because
You keep your mind close
Dand your heartis frozen
Despite this day in age
Black or whitered or brown
You might be religious, or maybe god free
Young or old
Man or woman
Straight edge or not
Who gives a fuck
Violent words, another means to retaliate against ignorance and bigotry
Hopefully one day we all can see
Understanding will set us free
Understanding will set me free
Understanding will set us free

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Youth War (EP)

Kublai Khan texty

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