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Plastic flowers
On a cold level splay
Cigarettes lay sizzling
In your
Tarred ash tray

46 & always sick
My hopes
They were all gone
Vacuum lips & every bit of smoke
Is withdrawn

Get up [2x]

A rush of fire burns
I'm in its light
Choked up or chained down

& I burned with it
& I burned with you

Every time you coughed
I feared the very worst
Thinking you ate smoke
To cure your belly's thirst

Like loose change in a coffee can
Your throat it would burst
& I wanted better for you
Strangled your days were cursed

Charred lungs
& breath that smoldered
I just couldn't see it
Till I got older

You spoke through crackles
& you walked as if you were shackled
Slowly but surely
It got you too

& I just watched
I did nothing

Text přidala TessinWhite

Video přidal LimeCZ

Balancing Survival And Happiness

Kublai Khan texty

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