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Belligerent - text


I lose little sleep. It’s sad, but true
Drowning in unhappiness. It’s nothing new
Anger now comes easily and frequently
Replacing who I used to be with someone weak
I wait patiently for clarity. Anxiously I count my time with no relief
So I mold grief into madness
Release all my pain and my sadness
Quick fix. An explosive reaction
Making a mess with the way that I've acted
I don't know when it all began
I had a bigger heart when I was a younger man.
Still I deny
I have any anger issues
Still I deny
Chances are I'll probably fucking lose it
I lose little sleep
It's sad but true
Drowning in unhappiness
Fuck you
Frustration it never
If you fucks could just fuck off and die please
I think I might finally be happy
I know this isn't healthy
I never asked you to help me
Maybe you are the cause of this
Years of people walking up and down my nerves
But you think I should let you in?
Just so you
So you can fuck me one more time
The world made me like this
Sad part is I couldn't care less, bitch
So fucking move

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