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Human kind has reached a time where faith can take a step back. Follow truth and fact.
Jesus Christ.
White washed in the blood of plantation crops and native plots.
A proven tool to bait the hooks.
While the church controlled the history books.
Mother fucker.
You love Christ because it's right?
He arrived on ships with men who.
Forced their thoughts.
Sleep beside the fire.
That burns brightest the darkness.
History and man’s beliefs tell two.
Tales of destiny.
Knowledge leads.
To set our kind free.
Man made god to make sense of this world.
Nature's proves we all lose.
There is no control.
Pagan kings and offerings.
Men created Christ to keep control.
Loosely pieced from past beliefs to
Unify the heathen gods beneath a cross.
Integrate or be erased.
Conquered lands set the pace for breeding faith.
Religion needs the human seed.
Our species is unique.
Confided to our beliefs.
Sleep beside the fire.
That burns brightest in darkness.
Knowledge will lead.
Move forward.
Sleep beside the fire.
That burns brightest in darkness.

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