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Please select a flow, Mac-10 flow, activated
Beast flow, activated, welcome back
Super swah
Ladies and gentlemen this is the flow
You've been waiting for, click
And if I don't get it out right now
Then you'll probably be waiting for years
Yeah, it's super swah
Everybody yelling, where the hell have you been?
Again, we follow you on Twitter and Insta
But since the Wake Up, we don't hear the music, I know
Apologies, apologies, whatever sorry means
It's coming from the heart, I mean it
I've been through a lot madness
Don't ever be afraid of the dark, I've seen it
Face to face, vis-à-vis
Like whatever it is, it's son mutha papa
Drop, I got the bass like a submachine
The Mac-10 and you're gone, mutha papa
Ah, now, ain't tryna start no violence
They've been raising hollow points
And I've been sitting here in sielnce
With that Ali-A aim and an A-Team flow
So advanced, like my brother Fuse say
This is dangerous like a gun
Mac-10 flow, Mac-10 flow, Mac-10 flow
Drop you weapons now, cause we said so
I don't know who told you Sway isn't one of the best in the UK
I shower down bullets, invest in a vest, or invest in an ark
No argument Linda, no Linda, no honey, you look in to me
Cause they don't wanna see me make the Mac-10 bark
I'll make them wish that they hid in a tree
Switch it to twi, kwasiafuo, wɔ nom ntumi nyƐ mihwee
Back your talk, dabi a wɔnom kasa basa
Back and forth, been ripping this thing, go back and watch
And I'm still the captain here, play no game, nobody get hurt
Video killed the radio star, with no radio nobody get heard
Verbal murder anytime you hear the Mac-10 brrr
Russia to Serbia, nobody out here can mess with my brrr
Now, ah, it jammed, wait a minute I'll be back in two ticks
Just got to slap in two clips, don't usually happen to me
Has it ever happened to yerp?
What you know about rap music?
Been had that reach, yeah, man do this
Hand in the cloud I can slap two
Hand in the ground I can slap two
Stand in the crowd I can snap two pics
With the fans, that's how I am
But most of these new kids don't really know who I am
Not, no
Okay, guess who's back with the army, uh, uh
Whole crowd waving for tsunami, they're waving
Smoking up the beats like a Marley
We blow it and the streets go barmy, going barmy
Got a nice watch up on my wrist
Still don't give a toss what the time is
We bring it back, go again, like a Vine clip, again
We bring it back, go again, like a Vine clip
Can't stop me I go insane, break chains you can't contain
CoD when I hold that flame, loading, loading, loading
See that Bane mask all on my face, green light, cam on
Riding dirty so they can see me
Rolling, Rolling, rolling with that ten

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