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Dogs of war are laughin'
Another rotten plan
Feedin' on evil
Inflicted on man
Cities lie in ruins
Destruction marches on
Poor people in the streets are dyin'
It goes on an on
How long must this go on?
Lost in this confusion
Cryin' in the dirt
Sweet children wipe your tears away
I will not see you hurt
Thousands of voices
Screamin' in my head
Like cattle to the slaughter
I will not see you dead
How long must this go on? How long?
How long must this go on?
Fight on!
The fight is on
Fight on
Fight on!
The fight is on!!
I'll climb every mountain
Sail every sea
Freein' all slaves
Fightin' for a dream
Armies of hatred
Growing on the shore
Brainwashing the innocent
With righteousness of war!!

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