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Лють Вовча (Ulfhednar) [Wolfish Rage] - text


Through the clashing of swords
And stains blood;
Through the Flame of battle
And wounded ones moaning -
Throw off the insanity, stop fighting!
For you are dead yet, Warrior!...

Recover thy mind, hang the weapons down
With tired hand exhausted by fight;
Take a look around!!! -
Yet, Valkyries standing right behind you!

And all the field's covered by enemies corpses,
Their frightened eyes - are food for ravens.
Do you hear? - Horn singing... It's calling for you!
And then silence... Silence...

Your heart doesn't beating,
Cause no more blood rest in thy veins...
Your visage is deathly pale...
But after death life is not ended!

You passed the Bridge and Gates are opens,
Gates to the Hall of spears and shields...
Thou shalt strengthen it's walls with Thy weapons
For the Day of the Greatest of Battles.

Behold! - Mighty Warriors
Stand up from their benches...
And rising up their chalices
This - you are recognized by Ancestors.
This - One-Eyed-Old-Man calls you to His table.

They invite you to take your place
Cause you valued Honour more than your life.
Come to Them, brave White Warrior!
(Spirit is a Steel, Might is a Flame,
Wolfish is Rage!)

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