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Schwarzpfad IV (Heil Ragnarok!) - text


Pigs were fed by flesh of christ,
And his eyes for ravens were left...
Worms gulped his heart;
To Hel he fell when died!

We sow the plague in hvite gud flock,
Among the disgusting herd of soul-castrated.
Like black crows, his priests croaked dying —
Falling on porch of their cathedrals...

And we sparkled the flame of their roofs —
Wind sang by smog, as the churches burn.
But Norns were weaving Sails and singing...
Sang and howling by Wolves among us.

We were the Wolfpack I Himmelvegr
Haunting the Sun Chariot...
By Werewolves chased it, we the heralds of grief...
But Sol rolled down right to the sea.

In the ocean depths, Jormundgandr moved,
Ground shuddered under the march of men,
Fetid streams gushed raging from Hel,
To the Flames of Muspells Sonir Arrival.


Nidhoegg hovering — corpses under his wings,
Grimness and Plague embracing the Midgard.
All the Nine Heims are falling to Abyss,
Their Walknut fades...


- I heard you saying that you know me...
So well, do you?!

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