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Schwarzpfad III (Forefather of Hangmen) - text


A coldest sharp edge of the ruthless Gungnir
Cutting the chest, swallowing the blood -
Rupture his ribs through...
Ingnawing in Crust and Substance of Tree,
Drunk by vital red, saturated by clay
Of the Hanged One Who made Self-Sacrifice for Himself...

Nine nights, nine Halls
He enriched them by Blood – and stared into Abyss
Half dead, half alive...
He stepped En TaakeHall av Helheim
But Jotnerunar laid under another foot
Of Hangmen's Forefather Who was hanged Himself.

Ash-Tree He possessed, Oaken Groves are thine,
Silent forests amongst the dark,
Branches open wide – twisted claws to embrace,
Grab you with rows of gallows.

But Dark Shadow of Him, chained to the cliff,
Groaned in waiting, writhing in suffer,
Evading the venom of malignant serpent...
Til OdinMordersk Ulv shall be unleashed.

- You said you will surely recognize Him...
So well, still you can?!

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