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Schwarzpfad II (Universal Provenances) - text


Soul is leaving the abandoned coil
Yet, it soaring by relentless bird
Towards the Expanse of grey winter sky
Circle by circle – hover in humming blizzard

Raising higher over the dark woods,
Above the bleached stains of frozen lakes
And striving steady to overpass horrid clouds
Where fierce frost crystallize the sight...

Yet, stellar snowfall is veiling the vision,
Merged in one torrent, Universe stiff with cold,
Nine HeimVerden are held by AskStamme –
Yggdrasil pierced En Kosmferd through...

Nine Heims are blazing by Walknut,
Axis of Ash-Tree shivers in Evighet,
Dragon gnawing It’s roots, bound Vargr is raging,
Bolverkr is hanged, speared to the Bole.

There, I beheld the Black Sun in zenith point
Carbonizing the bleak pale souls, scorching them down...
Both End and Beginning lost their Essence —
There are only Sources of Universe.

- You said you know where the Universal Provenances are...
So well, do you still know?!

Text přidala hahaCH

Video přidal DevilDan

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