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Долі Шляхи [Pathways of Fate] - text


When the nightsky is illuminated
With a blazing of lightnings;
Or when it in clear serenity
And moon and stars are bleeding their light -
Ye take a look at the Perun's Path
Peer at that way with narrowly stare
But not at the skies - look into the black well...

Winding pathways there are to the horizon far -
Everyone has own unique track;
Fate weaving them for us since we were born -
And one of that pathways is yours.

... Destiny tracks scratches in the vast fields
And by the mountain chains;
Through the grotto caves they leading straight
And along the shores they traces;
They are crossing the rivers and thickets swamps
By the fords or by the bridges;
Forever lost in stormwinds they are...
They perishes - in the dark woods disappearing

Thou art cannot stop, thou cannot turn off
From the Pathway that given by Fate:
Cannot pass over the obstacling clog;
No reason to hide when you're scared

Thou hath stepped on that Path to pass it whole, -
No matter how hard it would be! - Go onwards!
Despite any affliction - never take a look back!
Never stop your steps, on and forwards!

The grass, withered and trampled,
Shalt silky creep down by the ground...
Thou shalt go long way, until you die,
By the Destiny track through the Forest of life.

Pathways are winding and interlacing -
For the Fate thread weaver is blind;
Everyone have to pass whole his own Path
Straight to the distant Firmament verge of life...

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