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Рідний Край [Native Land] - text


And all this � is Our Land !Our Native Land !This is Fatherland, yours and mine, - Always remember that!Glorious be in ages, forever alive, -My Land! My Ukraine !Fatherland, in all the world only one � Free, Mighty, Great, AncientFrom forefathers- Ancestors inherit it wasTo the descendants � heirsSlavonic Land given to usBy the Fathers � GodsSea and rivers, lakes and ponds,Oaken woods and immense steppes,Blue skies and bright sun,Shimmering stars, their sorrowful lightIt imbued throughout byThe Slavonic Spirit and Blood � Guard thy Native Land, Like a mother, �tis only one!Remind thy glorious Ancestors that died,Those warriors that defended this LandWith sword in hand!By all my heartI greet all the Great HeroesWho sacrificed their life In the name of Native LandTheir memory lives eternally!Glory to Heroes!Glorious be, my Native Land!Carpathian Mountains covered by mighty forestsAnd by the foggy wood paths,Singing of birds and silence of nights � I shalt remember all this �til I die!Like a tear, moon glare is clear, Burial mounds, Dnipro, and rapids thundering,Thou art adorned by the flowers and rain�Glorious be, Native Land!

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