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Як Сталь Співала у Пожарах How steel - text


When Steel was singing through the fires,
When Ukraine was laid in ruins -
All the Family Nations arise to defend it -
Our Land still keeping that old memories!

We stepped the field against foes, sacrificed our lives,
We revived our Ukraine from ashes and dust.
What does we see now? - Ukraine burning in fires,
But Steel is not singing it's songs anymore...

What's happened with you,
Ukrainian Folk?!
Land and Freedom of Fathers
Calling you to fight!

Hands are chained, swords are taken away;
Freedom is blind with fetters of lies;
Closed our eyes are, deaf ears are..
shepherds are leading my Folk to the abyss.

I feel pain and aversion... My Ukraine,
My Motherland is possessed by enemies...
It's crying of suffer in ruins, in flames!
Our Kin is almost buried, but Steel is not singing!

Arise, Ukraine! Now - Rise for the Battle!
Or soon no one will be able to take a weapons!
Remember how you gathered Thy might against turks;
How we crushed khazars! How Steel was singing
through the flames of fire!

Let our foes die, like a dew under sunlight!
We are the Ones to be Masters of Our Land!
Let us remind how Steel was singing through
the flames of fire!
Let's defend Our Fatherland if just to love it
is not enough now!

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