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Иней Крови (Hoarfrost of Blood) - text


In the rays of rising SunThe veil of ice is reddenIt strewed and chained by coldnessAnd weaved on the web of dreamsHoarfrost of Blood is glimmering, sparkling,It melts, scattering by crimson ashes By the bloody scabs it clotting,Blackening, growing dim, disappearing in dustHow much blood was shed upon this land,That snow became of the dawn color?Forefathers returned to heirs the Heroes BloodFor they arise � the Defenders Hordes!� (Elders) gave a sign to stand in ranks, toSharpen the swords, preparing for fightFor the snowstorms of gore bury the enemies,For the rivers be filled with blood of the foes!It�s time for banners to sing on the wind now,Time for standarts to inhale the FreedomIt�s time for the Aryan Spirit to rise,To fill the veins with Hoarfrost of Blood!Let fury make hands to grasp in fistsAnd wolfish roar shall seethe in throatStrike by strike � our foes shall fallStep by step � we shall cleanse the battlefield!

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