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З-за Обрію [From Behind the Horizon] - text


Thus, it was: from behind the horizon
The war boats of Knjaz, appeared out;
Hundreds of Warriors - the invincible Army
Sailed forth to campaign from Kyiv to Byzantium...

Their swords, Perun's banners - bright they were flashing
And Dnipro rapids calmed down before them!
Svyatoslav's boats flew with speed of the wind
For they were brought by the Winds - Stribog's Grandsons!
Christian bastards were surrender without battle,
When they beheld the Shield with a Sunwheel...
The time is passed - with foulness they conquered us:
Disaster covered Rus right after Knjaz died...

Raping and drowning in blood - they baptized us;
They turned the Free Folk of Rus into slaves.
Yet, new masters rules the Land of our Forefathers;
Our Sacral Places breathing churches stench now...

Why we didn't know? Why didn't crush them down?
Didn't ruin Constantinopolis, didn't burn to the ground?!
Oh, if we had know it - we shouldn't have wait for:
We should have make them pay whole;
Rus would not be disgraced!
Hey, Svyatoslav! Where is thy grave?!
Where is that Force? Yet, death mowed Rus down!
Arise, Mighty Knjaz! Thy Army awaiting!
Lead us forth, Knjaz! We stepping the field,
War Campaign has begun!

Let crosses fall down, cause we'll crush the lies!
With the Rage of Perun destroy poison of Christ!
We'll eradicate venomous sting of YHVH
With the Ancient Runes, from the flesh of Our Kin!
And let the Glory of the True Heroes
Ringing again over Our Sacred Land;
Let the Folk of Rus, Folk of Honour and Freedom
Remind Ancestral Faith with crystal clear heart!...

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