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Буревій [A Stormride] - text


Frost kills the Sight, Icecold Wind cut like Razor
By the Death Serpent, Steel shalt rip Lifeblood from Heart
Upon the Last Shore, there Spirit stood Alone
Forever Black Tides covered His Firmament

Those Grim Tides - Are to strangle Every Breath
Wolfish Jaws of Gloom - To swallow Every Ray of Light
In the Void of Darkness - Reality is frozen to Ice
So the Flesh dies - But still Unbroken is Path

"...Nothing is over with Death
As a Winged Slektning of Grey Murderer
By the Flaming Algiz Against the Roaring Storm
Spirit is to Soar - Onwards!!!"

Til Vaers Og Fram
A Stormride is to leave Behind
The Ruin of Life where the Bridge
Of All It's Forms falling down Wrapped in Flames

Target of Spirit - To achieve Immortality
Force take It away from Death's Twisted Claws
Firmness of Greed for Thought
Exalted Him High Above the Ashes
By the Stormwind of
Universe Stardust
Upon the Wings of Steel
To the Abyss of Eternity

True Gestalt of Ragnarok - Do You know What is it?!
Horrid Primal Visage, Naked Unmasked Fear?
Essence of It's Roots - Inexorable Movement Upwards
Essence of A Stormride Creating the Blaze of It's Aura

Crude Atmosphere, Breath of Most Fierce Winter
Shalt cleave Haze and Mist upon His Pathway
Till the Flash of Reawakening in Glacial Light
In Obtained Light of Pure Conscience

The Hate We sown - It shalt ride
By Rapacious Wolfpacks in Our Avantgarde
The Day is to come - All Souls be strangled
In the Utter Black Tides of That Hatred

"...But Now is the Moment
In the Stellar Flame
For Spirit to be Revealed
For Evighet Aand..."


A Stormride (original)

Cold and Shallow was that Soul
Once Above the Horizons of the Night
(Like if they would be the Last Shores of His Life)
The waves of Darkness Swallowed All
Stillness... Emptiness...
Through Nothing Really Ends With Death
Yet the Horizons of Life's diversity
Fall in Ruins as the Bridge Aflame
The Quest for Immortality Was His God
And the Power of the Will Lifted the Soul Above the Ashes
"Do you know the true face of Ragnarok?"
Its Real Image is the One of the Movement Upwards
The Spirit Creates it's Aura
And the Atmosphere of the Fiercest FimbulVinter Clarifies the Awakening
In the Newer Light of the Purity, Finally Grasped
And This Hatred We Planted - It will Aspire
As the Horde of the Wolves Before Us... And Once...
It would Embrace all the Souls... Yet...
That would be a Time of Infinity...

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