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Пам'ять у Крові (A Memory In Blood) - text


A memory foaming with streams in the veins
Or flowing like river, or splashing from sources -
It whispering, screaming or ringing with thunders;
Sparkling with blaze or raging in Winds
Memories through the Space; through the
Time that by aeons
Flying to the Void - it's our chain with Forefathers
It's Our Kin's Relations bond between us and Them.
A Memory In Blood! - Like a towering mountains.

Grey fog is creeping among mountains:
That fog is memories of centuries past...
Mounds of Archaic Faith,
Overgrown by shrubs and moss
Are covered by years to their crest.

Let wrinkles engrave the runes in face,
Let hair be whitened with pale ices:
Honour and Blood - are above all!
Spirit of Heroes that shall break the fetters
It brings the Glory upon wings of steel.

And the crowns of trees still drop down their leaves
Fiercely - like many centuries ago.
Ancestors visages embraced in oblivion
Are melting but still awaiting -
To high water they flowing with icefloe fragments

They are singing the same songs,
They are chanting with excited voices -
There where the same Kupala fires are
Burning like stars in immense height.
In the night, they sowing a dreams for descendants..

Text přidala hahaCH

Video přidal DevilDan

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