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Приданий Бесконечный Путь - text


Autumn �Engraving in leaves the veins galdrastafr,-Shalt paint in crimson, - not sparing the golden glare�Autumn�Shalt cover in fog, hiding the mud slush,-And be drowned in cold drops of rainWinter�Howling, it shalt bring the fury of blizzards, Winds haughty storming as beasts�Winter�Shalt cloach in ice, strewing by hoarfrost,-Concealing the leaves runearcanes in snow�Spring�Shalt furtively force it�s way by the green of first grass,Flowing the stream of molten snow,Reading the epistle of winter�Spring, it shall comprehend all that was hidden,All that was left on the darkened leaves,Then shalt describe it by the pattern of sprouts�Summer�Shalt cover by leaves, bury under the trees crowns,-And carry on�Summer�With farewell it shalt tell, shalt whisper by winds,- And sing to the autumnal mists�

Text přidala hahaCH

Video přidala hahaCH

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