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Can't Be The Only One (feat. Tech N9ne) - text


[Hook: Krizz Kaliko]
What you’re lookin’ for is amazing
But I can’t keep you waitin’
If I go away, but what I’m tryin’ to say is
I can’t be the only one
This whole world’s participatin’
And life’s the game we playin’
And if I go away, I wasn’t meant to stay
And I can’t be the only one
Can’t be the only one, can’t be the only one
Can’t be the only one, can’t be the only

[Verse 1: Krizz Kaliko]
Yo, we livin’ in the last days, baby if you know my kind
I ain’t got time to be livin’ in the fast lane
I played my last game, clock’s over fourth quarter
Cheaper to keep ‘er, never Mrs Watson in the court order
Caught the love bug, sought her
Though I know man is programmed to thank you Mam
Wham-Bam and not in that order
Party your heart I can never slaughter
Ms. Matthews, I'm in love with your daughter
Taking it farther, cause now she got a baby that she carrying
A pitter-patter of little feet of my heartbeat
I gotta work cause we gotta eat
And there's too many fishes in the sea
And I keep my pole to control
What these devilish bitches want with me
Cause it's greener on my side of the fence
It's even good when it's tense
We prayin’ stay together, that’s our defense
See I was wrong but I’m right now, went dark but it’s bright now
Will I be like God’s son and I can’t be the only one


[Verse 2: Tech N9ne]
Ya, you for real like, what it feel like?
To have a famous individual who's real nice
He has an ill type skill for poppin' pills
Pipe drill, ya feels right kill ‘til night then hail sky
When he gone, but a brother got many things
That would cover ‘bout any dream, but I love ‘er not any means
No multiple dates nor the one to form any team
Even if you lived in lake shore and you’re cabrini green
And you know that, that it’s hard to chew on that
You want that? When he’s tourin’ don't nobody, screw on that
Please baby, prolly takin' 'em in threes lady
If you thinkin’ about getting it deep when he’s gone then he’s crazy
Cause you see him ‘bout once a year, when he do his shows
But you say you love him from his head to his toes and he believed you
That’s just like a human thinkin’ we the only life form
Given that's booey-ish so I can’t be the only one hittin’


[Verse 3: Krizz Kaliko]
If Hip-Hop just died this morning, I’m resurrecting it
Protect the neck of it way up
Grab the best of us effortless
They follow us religiously
Like we Baptists or Methodists
I holler at the epitome of havin’ to breath at this
I eat, eat, eat MC’s for breakfast
And heat-seek geeks if they speakin’ reckless
My speech seem clean like a gleamin' necklace
Why your peeps follow me and re-tweet my message
The elite heat speech chief's too deep
For you to see me if you speak weak
Through your teeth and skeet
You’ll never be me, we all lookin’ for a pot of gold
Maybe sell a million records for we owe
Without sellin' our soul
But some ain't got the pipes for it (It's Alright)
But they pay ‘em real nice for it
Might go down as the best that ever did it
Or maybe I should quit it
I’m done and I can’t be the only one

[Hook: Krizz Kaliko]

[Outro: Krizz Kaliko]
Can’t be the only one
Can’t be the only one
Can’t be the only
Can’t be the
I can’t be the only one

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