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She would meet me in the mornin', on my way down to the river
Waitin' patient by the Chinaberry tree
With her feet already dusty, from the pathway to the levee
And her little blue jeans rolled up to her knees
I'd pay her no attention, as she tagged along beside me
Tryin' hard to copy everything I did
But I couldn't keep from smilin', when I'd hear somebody sayin'
Looky yonder there goes Jody and the kid
Even after we grew older, we could still be seen together
As we walked along the levee holdin' hands
For as surely as the seasons, she was changin' to a woman
And I'd lived enough to call myself a man
And she often lay beside me, in the coolness of the evenin'
Till the morning sun was shinin' on my bed
And at times when she was sleepin', I would smile when I'd remember
How they use to call us Jody and the kid
Now the world's a little older, and the years have changed the river
'Cause there's houses where they didn't used to be
And on Sundays I go walkin', down the pathway to the levee
With another little girl who follows me
And it makes the old folks smile, to see her tag along beside me
Doin' little things the way her mama did
But it gets a little lonesome, when I hear somebody sayin'
Looky yonder, there goes Jody, and the kid

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