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You came smiling softly
Shyly moving, easy as a dreamer, into my world
Then before I realized the danger
I found myself staring into your eyes
Somewhere in their colors
I saw promises of things I'd never seen before
It's all over; I've got to have you.
Holding onto talking, saying nothing
Knowing in a moment I could lose you
Then without a warning I remember
That you trembled at the touch of my hand.
Knowing when you came to me that
No one else would ever feel the same in my arms
It's all over; I've got to have you
Waking in the morning to the
Tenderness of holding you asleep in my arms
Dreaming while your hair was blowing
Softer than a whisper on your cheek
I don't know the feeling, so I don't know if it's love
But it's enough; it's enough
It's all over; I've got to have you.

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