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Abysmal Misery (Foretold Destiny) - text

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Ominous shadows of a timeless conflict
Descending so darkened deadly and cold
The sands of an unmerciful holy slaughtering
Scorched by the merciless sun
Centuries of massacre and sorrow will follow
Into the abyss of misery eternal
The promised land annihilated as divided
Bloodshed and terror becomes divine
Slavery, dishonor and plague
Behead the children of god's disdain
Apocalypse of the army of redemption
Expulse the race of the unholy intrusion
Armed squads inflict decimation
Condemn and bleed the opposition
Behold the march of the refugee
The final procession of a carnage spree
Blood spill in this foretold destiny
The wrath divine, remains enshrined,
innocents' demise
Hang them high, blindfolded and tied,
Sign of brutal times
Broken souls, dead memories
Forgotten in the dust
The rage of faiths, fatal distrust
Many died in the fields of disgust
Obey the order of slavery
Praise the religious fanaticism
Escape the hail of bullets and blades
Or drown and die, engulfed by the sea
Thunderous cacophony of controlled rebellion
Night fast approaching to seal the end
Tyrant vessels swarm the horizon
Murky waters of death and despair
Conjuring the bringer of disease
Captivity to the gospel of fallacies
Ritual killings perpetuating the siege
Cursed progeny, nightmares unleashed
Bodies littered the shrine of misdeeds
Gruesome display haunting the fallen prayers
Symmetry of the opposites
In this battle of doomed deceit
Burn the bridges, storm the gates
Dreams and secrets, buried in the deep

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