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Good morning John!
Ain't it great to see your future shining brighter
Than the naked light of day?
You made it John!
But I confess there was a time or two
I thought that you might let it slip away.

I love you John!
In the cold and holy darkness
You were always shinin' brighter than a star
God bless you John!
For the love and joy you've given
And the livin' inspiration that you are.

You scared me John!
'Cause you crossed so many borders
Into danger with a price upon your head
They got you John!
And it hurt to see so many friends
Who ran along beside you lyin' dead.

I know you John
There ain't nothing you can't handle out there
Ain't nothing bigger than your heart
Keep shinin' John
For you owe it to the others
And the dark and holy wonder that you are.

Hang in there John!
It's a rocky road to glory
But the strangest and the strongest will survive
Keep smilin' John!
We won't make it there tomorrow
But today let's say we're lucky we're alive.

I'll see you John!
Though the best of good intentions
Have a way of gettin' scattered by the wind
I'm leavin' John!
You can lose your mind and mem'ry
But you ain't gonna lose me as your friend.

Good morning John!
(Good morning John...)

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Closer To The Bone

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