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Through strongest of faiths and most malignant will
profane stigma formeth on skin.
Flesh unto light, light unto flesh.
The end of all life will come through me.
Beyond the skin, beyond the flesh,
through the temple runeth the bliss of death.
But a carrion, a prideless worm,
yet through its blood salvation shall be born.
Within the heart of each man that desireth death
ringeth a psalm for His way upon Earth.
Let all flesh hear: salvation in all nations.
Black light of redemption shall shine upon the ashes!
Like burning brimstone from heavens up high holy
poison dropeth from torn wrists.
Supreme inversion of substance purpose,
lashed and tormented to His image and likeness.
For our will shall be a razor and our tongue a sharp sword.
Ma'aseh bereshit!
The sin divine most grave!
The true name of Yahweh, spoken a thousand times.
Venomous blood staineth the life's tree roots and
crawling through spheres poisoneth its fruit!

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