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Not that I need all the things
Not trying to rub it in
There's nothing that you don't
Already know
You were down
And no one wanted you around
I was there
When there was nowhere left to go
We both know I'm your wings
Oh and
And I'm your dream
Oh yeah
Take me out of your mind
And your memories
Try to image
What would remain, yeah
What if I came to your door
And I called you on
Everything you ever took
And all you did
We both know, I'm your wings
I'm your dream, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah
I'm your, I'm your everything
I'm your everything
Everything you ever, ever knew
Since the day you were born
I'm your, I'm your, I'm your
I, I'm, I'm, yeah, oh
And all those times
When you think you're on your own
And you got, you got a doubt
I'm still standing there
Arms still wrapped around
And all those times
You can take the credit
No, no, no, no
That was me, that was me
That was me, that was everything
I'm your, I'm your, wings
I'm your wings
I'm the one with the wings
In this operation, baby
I'm your heart
Your dream come true, come true
Over and over again
I'm your everything
Your best friend, your best friend
Your best friend
I'm your wings, ooh
I'm your everything

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