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King of a Dancefloor - text


Without shining armour here comes a knight
With only one goal just spoil the night
He’s doing spin kicks like Jean Claude
I don’t really know whats going on

He’s full of hate. Zero tollerance
Not giving others any chance
Boxing like Mohamed Ali
So this is how you party?

This is dancefloor not a ring
Before hurting someone you should think
Violence won’t make you king of the dancefloor
This is a party not a fight
Beat down a girl is not alright
Violence won’t make you king of the dancefloor

People here want to have some fun
So be respectful to everyone
Or we’ll teach you how things are done
And you will beg to get up from the ground

So please no violence at the show
We may suck but we are not your foe!

Text přidal mel_menovic

Video přidal mel_menovic

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