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By this time
when you found me
when I felt helpless
trapped inside,
you lifted the burden
right off of my shoulders
and smiled.

You turned my life
completely around
captured my soul and set
my heart on fire,
I lit the candle
over your bed
now I can't get you
out of my head...
There's no one, no one
there's no one, no one like you.

In these troubled times
we found our space
and touched each other
like nobody else,
we swore so many times we won't tell
can we be together, this love can be hell.
I look up to you for some assuring power
nothing can cool the heat of your fire,
always remind me of those happier days
can't we be together or is this pain gonna stay?
No one, no one, no one like you.

In different times
in a different place,
this would be going on and make perfect sense
I know you've reached for me
and I can feel you too...

There's no one like you!

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