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The Kraken - text


(1st Verse)
Search the fathoms of the deepest deep, and you will find his lair
In an ancient uninvaded sleep, The Kraken lays waiting there
The titan lays and awaits the call, Poseidon he cries
In a roar he shall rise and on the surface he shall die

The look of death is waiting, you will turn into stone
Your doom is near; you know that you have to run
Run away hear my plea turn your head
You've been sacrificed by the face of Gorgon's head

The Kraken, The Kraken, The Kraken

You live to kill you got the power of hell; your strength is second to none
You fail to a man with a head in his hand; your fate is sealed now it's done
And never rise to show your full glory, as restored by your faith
Cursed are you most from the deep
That you host destructive evil and hate

(1st Verse)

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