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Kill the King - text


In the morning, just after mindnight, got to find my way
The King is dying, my people are starving, have to get away
The battle is lost, they left me to die

My castle's burning, my men are all dead
Chrimson color, there's blood on my head
The crime was treason, times were black
They killed the army in a bloody bath

The battle is lost, now leave me to die
Kill the King, the peasants scream why?
Witches rejoice, your bastards been born
And rides through the night to Kill the King
Kill the King, Kill the King, Kill the King

Camelot in days of old, justice ruled, knights were bold
Village prospered, times were good, and Merlins magic was understood
So it was thought, although they were warned

Sorcerers found, just one weakness, heart of man, death of a kiss
The witches laughed, her armies grew,
And then one day they killed her too
Death to the dead, she will pay
Strangled to death by her son was the way


Still a chance to win the day, Merlin's magic is the way
Send a dragon, spin a mist, and give me men that dont exist
The battle is over, now leave me to die
No one shall live when i will die

Text přidal paja65

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