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Desperate Solutions - text


Your groping hands pull you up, to get a better view
But what you see, you can't believe there's nothing you can do
Hot night flash of light, the armies is all here
You close your eyes, turn your head and hope they disappear

Too late to turn, nowhere to hide, burn you to the bone
You're mesmerized, hypnotized, your king has been dethroned
A desperate thought you can survive, believed by only fools
Lost the trust, power you lust, broken all the rules

Oh why did it end this way, without a chance to fight
Like a candle in the wind

Desperate Solutions, Desperate Solutions

Rising from the charred remains the beast he laughs from what he gains
Barren lands they all cry out in pain
Screaming out but no one hears, time has come, confront your fears
Now it's done complete without remorse


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