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Left P-Town headin' out to Riverside
Cruising in the ride, doin' bout 85
Starin' at my pipe with no bowls to pack
Cause in my pocket all I'm holding is an empty sack

A-yo, we bout to fix that and go fetch this bud
The deal's going down, we gotta get it from this thug
He lives in San Diego and I've heard a lot about em
He's always pushing weight, rocks and came with the ?

Three stops to make before I hit Loc's house
My pad in Corona plus my ?Lokey Dope Hideout?
Then I get some smokes and an extra pack for Loc
Cause we really gotta go man we gotta hit the road

Got up off my couch, heard a knock on the doe'
(Ay what up D-loc!)Yeah its Richter wit my smokes
We took some resigning tokes with no time to stall
Picked up my cell phone and made that call

Now we got the rent-a-car
Started headin down South
It was late in the day but the sun was still out
(Yeah) Without a doubt we popped a pill to keep our buzz
Cause it's a long way to Daygo when you got no buds

Called up the boys to check everybody's plan
Brewer, Hopper, Marz, Jerbo and Big Taz
Just lining up a crew in case these dudes try to screw us
Ah fuck, now we're stuck behind a school' bus

Quick take a right gotta make the yellow light
Got fifteen minutes till we gotta be on sight
It's right up the block a couple miles up the road
Took the money out the bag to pre-count the dough

Seen the front door of the spot we was going
Such a little hairy heard the weed was stolen (Fuck!)
Called reinforcements told em wait up the street
Knocked on the door, and gave the bell a ring
(Here we go)

There was, shit on the walls, backyard full of dogs
No joke it smelled like they was smocking speed balls
Didn't even wanna sit Glad I made that phone call
This could get Real ugly if it ain't up to Par

Well first thing I did when I walked in the door
I looked all around everywhere in all four corners
Seen shady characters no one said nuttin to nobody
Wanted to get the dope and give this fool his money

In and out was the plan on the double-double
Now we all full of smiles 10 Pack of the Bubble
And now to K.P. another zone with some homegrown
Put it out Loc, I saw a cop man leave it alone

Just then I threw the joint out the window
Grabbed the orange chronic, fired up a bowl
Next thing you know the cop is right on our tail
10 Pounds plus we was going straight to jail

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