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Welcome 2 stonetown its a tokers paradise
the cannabis rivers are flowing
were blowing bowls all through the night
The atmospheres always inviting enlighten uplifting for all
the andaca annas a diva
aroma just seeps through the walls

whats up y'all its Mr. JR
am like the sheriff of these here parts
call me Mr. White herb
and protector of the perbs
and every other herb wanted at large
its like the wild wild west
come up in and just love us
where cops get high too, no undercovers
like chris columbus, come and discover
a new world better than sex with no rubbers
where everybodys getting high with each other
and when a joint goes out, we just light another
come on brother lets all get along
oh look theres the presidents
Mr cheech and chong
and by now you should know its johnny richter
welcome 2 the stonetown marajuana mixer
nice to meet ya, stay as long as you want
but first you gotta clear the bowl out my fucking bong

Hows it been going
the crops near done and the kegs is flowing
this way to the hotel where we smoke well
but it aint no holiday inn (No!)
its a busted up brothel
an amsterdam hostel
a really rundown dive
a cover up for the plants that we gots inside
were we get whiskey drunk and we dance all night
let me takje your bags and your things
give you 29 bongs rips, none of which sting
got the kill bud x got the chronic
richter got a hefty bag full of supersonic and me?
Me and bobby d we stone silly
double edged banger next up is greg philly
stuck from the sisscor hash living
they call me dirtball and am stonetown driven

So good to be here its nice to meet ya
looking around at the people I great
look at me face, look at me feature
make you look crazy, am smoking my reefer
call me the cheif, I sprinkle my keith
head of the class a science teacher
after the school not after the sound
I crash my car into the bleacher
am breaking them down from pounds to grams
penis to pretzels?
chris a erica
josh a bill
am superman shaquille o'neil
surfing to kill its on the dec
box now whos a mess
I check my text I sent a tweet
I took the pitch I smoke my weed

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