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havin good times
got my head right
in the sunshine turn the fire
like an airplane
got my butterfly
and I'm feelin great.

Cruizin havin good times got
my head right in the sunshine turn the
Fire round like an airplane got my butterfly.
The weather is right and you just might slight tattoos
on your neck and you
Like motor bikes superstar brights spend
a star pay right be my lucky star
Shootin down tonight you can catch me
on the highway cruizin top down with
My girl and my dog hey do way banks
we movin sunshine burnin up the fun it's
A real nice life to get lifted good vibes
all around my seat I took a long
Deep breath and I drifted back home
where the lifes all green.
Hair in the wind is like I'm flyin it's like
I'm up in the air look all around
See people smilin
(Hey how you doin man how ya doin?)
Suns out and I'm
Feelin like I'm in the tropics plus
I got a little change in my pocket
Shirts gotta stain but fuck it imma rock it
southern cali cruise and there
Aint no stoppin it.

When the air is blowin and her hair is flowin
pretty girls look at me and I
Bet she's knowin she's got it goin on flowin on
she's blowin spread your
Wings and fly your my sweet butterfly.
I got my sterio on I got my portable bon
my ladies riden shotgun my loosies
Do weigh a ton I put it in cruise control
the rhythms feeding my soul I
Pack bowl after bowl and everything
is all right we gonna crise all night

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