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Clash incontorolable with your mind
Denial of huge desires to die
Weak on your feet, trapped in your world
Silently screaming, you just can't let go
Remember your terrible infancy
Slap your veins, prepare to feed
Away from the mirror, the truth seems to lie
Try to open your eyes
Just one road to be
One way to be free
While I see your grave
Fathom your death by self-hate
Running against all that would make you see
Bottomless pit you keep falling in
Needles and stones, disgrace and disease
Snow in your nose, you're in for the deep
Selling your shit to pay for this need
Steel and deceive hell is here
Your body a temple, your mind a charade
Raise from the dead, the lifeless parade
Hate, hate, hate, self-hate
Hate, hate, hate, self-hate...

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