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I don`t believe in misery, therapy, on what you say
Don`t tell me I lose energy
And that you are my remedy

We have to check your sanity please lie down and talk with me
You can`t - I can`t - we can`t - can`t delay - must check it rapidly

Shut up, shut up - get out this is my fight
Shut up, shut up - I scream - get another life
Why don`t you just shut up
Go fuck with another life

Shut up, shut up - forget what I said before
I`m fucked up - fucked up - I can`t stand it anymore
Why don`t you just shut up - just shut up

You want to talk of fantasy, and the dreams that come to me fantasy, fantasy
Fells like a tragic comedy, comedy, comedy
I can`t believe you honestly buy tapestries of tragedy
You can`t - we can`t - I can`t - can`t deny your case has urgency

Lay down now - close your eyes - don`t care
Slow down now - don`t fight - let it go - no!

Shut me up - shut me up
But I`m all that you`ve got
Shut me up - shut me up
You say scared but I`m not

Text přidal Siri161

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