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late at night — i’m hypnotized
i stop to hide — from this tempting life
i need a dread for my bed
need a bed without dread
i need another place inside where i can hide
need a med for ma head
need a head for ma med
i need another piece of bliss to leave this behind
i’m running outside, i pass through the night
man, push it! push it! redefined!
i’m using my time, i´m out on the rise
gonna crash another —
wicked, wicked, wicked, wicked night
monkey boy, i like your magic toy,
this is my greatest joy —
it makes me uahaha-uaha
monkey boy, your madness does annoy,
this time i will destroy —
you make me uahaha-uaha
late at night — i start the fight
i need a game that i tame
need to tame all the games
i need to find another way to break the design
we need a street to deplete
need to deplete the streets
we need another way inside escape from confines
get out of my sight — i’m playing for time
men, i reinvent — redesigned
i’m loosing my mind, recalling my life
gonna crash another —
wicked, wicked, wicked, wicked night
un — un — un — dos — tres —
i’m doing better — better
un — dos — dos — dos — tres — doing better
un — dos — tres — tres — tres —
i’m doing better — better
un — dos — tres — no stress — feeling better

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