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Expend your imagination
Enter a world of dreams
Are you one of god's creations
Freed with primal scream
You must face the consequence
Of what you rely upon
Your death is just a minor sequence
In the flow of time
Will destroy
Or will it heal
The sorrows that you feel
Having sex
Violently tasting
A few seconds of life
I do think you'll suffocate
Within that web of dreams
Horrid screams what you create
Whilst reeling to what is
Suffering all this pain
Pain of labour
You are a creation of mine
Inside me you have to grow
I fear you
The things that we do
Abandon all things for the flesh
It is oblivion
And hence
Thou art gone
We are the scorn of this world
We are the damned of all wars
Can't forget the taste of affection
Dear mother virgin or whore

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