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Tamed Brute - text


Afar from light
Unchanging dark
A haven might lie beyond the fog

There's no motion
The crowds are gone
I'm in derangement
Severed from world

The holy ground
It all transposed
Since then I'm paralyzed by a shadow

No awareness
Of what it was
I'm in delirium
No concern

A glance of perception
Is breaking my doze
From a nightmare to another
I'm facing the truth

Blinded by a hovering sun
Watery eyes shine
Embraced by the fallen saint
I'll follow you now

I'll follow the fallen saint
To awareness
And the haven of redemption

Reversion to the regret and hurt
Of those who bother
To offend the rightful one
To conflict the only worthy
And make them the sufferers
Where there could be only solace
But there is a collision
Where there could be only heaven
If they weren't always there

Tamed brute

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