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Trust & Live - text


I was taught, many years ago
That life is a gift and it’s free
As time passed me by
These eyes began to see
Now the only thing I miss is how it used to be

The wise sheep, blows his head off
Another day, where spending can’t break the rut
We fulfill these unneeded desires,
in the midst of this struggle to stay alive
The Great Maw of the 21st Century

Trust and live

A short term vision has spread through our system
We place value on what won’t stand the test of time
It’s a quick relief that consumes generations
Arise again the Great Maw of our Century

Finally, I cleared my mind
This is not a lost cause
I’m not the hero I always dreamed of
In fact, none of us are…
Black sheep are not the cause of all plagues
We’re just human striving to shine
This is one of my attempts
Not the first nor the last

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