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Monopoly - text


Life is ruled by monopoly
Quick trades for property
All we are is equity
An indifferent rivalry
We were fine in the early plays
Hoped we would get a taste
Then we had to fall on hidden tolls
I thought I’d like this game

So close to bankruptcy
Unjust Economy
A lucky roll, might set you free
So much for strategy
Some say conspiracy
What about democracy?
Life shouldn’t have to be pretend
This game will never end

Trapped on the boardwalk of a hotel
Far from “Chance”, one step to “Go”
The foreclosure of the game
Time to renew ourselves
Rebuild from scratch again
Social credit has shed a light
Open eyes’ll see it bright

Life was lost by monopoly
All trades brought poverty
All banks still alive and well
Fight this monopoly
Fight this monopoly

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