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I want you to quiver whenever you hear my name
Whenever you catch a sight or a distant reflection of fires I have set
Whenever you hear the song about all the crimes I have committed, I am comitting and will continue to commit
And the shark here… it has sharp teeth and those teeth are plain to see
And Macheath here has a jackknife but his jackknife stays unseen
On the blue and balmy Sunday someone drops dead on the strand
And a man walks round the corner
People call him Mack the Knife
And Louie Miller la la la like so many wealthy men
And Maceath took all their money but there's nothing you can prove
Jenny Diver was discovered with a jackknife in her chest
And Macheath strolls on the dockside, he knows no more than the rest
There was a fire down in Soho
Seven children burnt alive
In the crowd there, a man who’d say no…
So don’t ask…
It’s Mack the Knife
And the widow la la la and whose name is known to all When she woke was violated
What did Mackie pay for this?
When she woke she was violated
What did Mackie pay for this?

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