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I’m living my life on the edge so I mind out where I step
Cos if I am caught slipping could end with a violent death
And I don’t want u to miss me so I got to keep it bizzy
I’m always on the move like a caravan a gypsy
I’m the truth I’m the proof of the city
And its true I came through like I threw a fucking Frisbee
Something you can’t catch
I’m labeled hard crack
And I’m stable ca the label got ya dawgs back
I can’t act
Lately I’m a poser
I got ya lady naked waiting patient on the sofa
Got me contemplating ways to make her take the soldier
Your's are probably hating cos I made it and their older
K kola repping for the bits
The takeover, the rest can call it quits
Game over
Take not darg I came so far
So from the top I’m drop you down a postcard
I’m signing autographs in hell
Screws are coming to my cell
Telling me that the shit can’t believe that I’m in jail
Well I can’t believe it either and it’s hard for me to cipher
In this bitch I stand firm like a man when I’m inside her
At my worst I treat my bird like my bird
Ride her
Word to my sperm I’m a certified rider
Its so serious hoes were really missed
Beating off my junk to a picture of the meanest bitch
You need a lift lady I can take you up
Ride on this make it flick till I make you come
I run shit with the chick you can take a dump
If I front it I get no need to front
Deceiving cunts something I don’t really want
I just make them disappear I don’t need a wand
I’m the man of the year and I’ve been gone for months
Keep my ear to ground like my lobe was stuck
I am fresh out of a box
Creps fresh out of a box
Hot stepping on the block
Middle finger to the cops
On my RC8 box shit Stone Bizzy block shit
Chrome fizzy dome dizzy Lizzy got me on shit
I gwopped it fly like a cockpit
I make it stack to my hit from my offspring
I hit the trap with punch lines like I’m boxing
To do or die is the life I was dropped in
But its soft tings I push harder
And get rid of bad seeds like a gardener
I put a lid on mad beef like a farmer
And my whole team eats like piranhas
I’m b-nanas
My head gone darg
Read dramas nothing like a soap star
So keep calm or rage will approach ya
My dargs stick up kids no poster

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