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There’s no feeling left in this place anymore.
And nobody left of interest anymore.
Am I crazy to think there must be something more.
I’m looking for the road straight out of here.

And anybody out there wanna take this wild ride.
Does anybody out there even dare.
No I don’t need no saving but I don’t mind if you try.
I’m lacking any faith in human kind.

There’s no purpose for the words that they all said.
And there’s no reason to listen to what they said.
A story in this head a tale best left unsaid.
I need an escape from what I’m not so sure.

So pointless yet so meaningful don’t dance around the words.
I´m having trouble understanding real or absurd.
Get me out of this place I’m just fighting with the air.
Get me out of this place self control is in the air.

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Forever For Hire

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