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Graveyard Tree I - text


My baby's in the graveyard
she's waiting for me up there
thinking of her real hard
thinking of the graveyard!

In the back of a hearse
is where I met her first
with the sexy scent
in her coffin bed

The skin is so cold
but the love is warm
and I will bring her back
from beneath the earth! Well...

Now my love is buried baby
six feet underground
yeah, I'm missing her
six feet underground
time to dig her up
six feet underground
I wanna see my love
six feet underground

By the graveyard tree
her body lays with me
when the time has come
her bones will turn to dust
this life is so short
but it takes so long
and I can only hope
we'll meet in the beyond


six feet under ground now,
(six feet underground)
oh, oh oh yeah yeah
(six feet underground)
oh, oh oh yeah yeah
(six feet underground)

She's six feet

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